LL-OFY-Q(Oil Finder Yellow)

Fluorescent Leak Detection Dye Oil Finder Yellow

Just add a small amount of dye to the system and let it circulate. All leaks will glow brightly when scanned with a high-intensity
leak detection UV lamp.

Eco friendly, the latest fluorescent dyes safer with better performance.

The oil finder glows brighter than conventional fluorescent dyes, high quality product and the most specialized for industrial use.
The Oil Finder is independently tested for system compatibility and is filtered down to 2 microns. The result is a fully miscible, high-quality and non-particulate dye formulation that never compromises the integrity of the system. This quality dyes will not change the viscosity or lubricity of any host fluid. They perform better under difficult conditions and have greater stability, making them the perfect tool for long-term preventative maintenance and leak detection.

Oil Finder characteristics

Fluorescence characteristics
By glowing more intense light than other fluorescent dyes, leaks can be identified more easily and quickly.
Chemical stability
Extremely resistant to moisture and low temperatures, and the chemical stability is much more improved.
Shelf life
Stable molecule, highly soluble, with a significantly improved shelf life
Eco friendly
By adopting and prescribing highly stable raw materials, it contributes to the reduction of refrigerant gas emissions in the atmosphere.
Patented product
It is a brand that continues to be trusted all over the world in fluorescent device leak detection systems.

Use example

For preventive maintenance
  • ① Steel maker rolling mill machine
    Old model machine`s hydraulic oil used for more than 30 years leaks 1 drum in 4 days.
    Iron powder etc. adheres to the piping, and the leak location is unknown.
    Even the very dirty part can be identified
  • ② Heavy equipment maintenance
    Unknown part of hydraulic oil leak in snow removal wheel loader.
    Oil leaks on snowy roads are very problematic.
    Leaks from the control valve (elbow part) can be easily found
For production inspection
  • Pre-shipment inspection of heavy equipment engine coolant
    It was difficult to judge whether it was a leak or adhesion from the outside.
    If unclear by visual palpation check, large inspection man-hours due to overhaul. Due to the high compensation cost,
    improving the inspection system at the shipping stage is a major issue.

    Found a leak from the engine mating surface. Ideal for pre-shipment inspection of construction machinery and machine tools,
    as it can clearly determine whether a leaking or adhering.



Fluorescent Dyes & Leak Detection Kits

LL-OFY-Q Leak Detection Dye Oil Finder Yellow For Synthetic and Petroleum-Based Fluid Systems.
LL-100-OFKA Leak Detection Kit Starter Kit A (LL-OFY-Q + OPX-365/J)
LL-100-OFKB Leak Detection Kit Starter Kit B (LL-OFY-Q + SPE-HVL-CS)

UV lamp

OPX-365/J OPTIMAX365 Leak Detection Kit Starter Kit(365nm)
SPE-HVL-CS Violet UV lamp (400nm)
TP-9940 Fluorescence-enhancing glasses (Yellow)